Laurent Senta

About Me

I’ve been writing software in Video Games, Big Data Systems, Web Apps, and Decentralized Apps. I wrote code for computers, mobiles, the cloud, and even robots.

Since 2014 I help companies around the world build products through my Company Of One called SingularGarden.

I care about…


Blockchain & Decentralisation allow us to fix ownership, data privacy, and Software Longevity issues.

Releasing Products

I’m energized by the idea that makers can build software that will impact the lives of thousands or millions of people.


I believe we express ourselves by trying to make the world around us better. The less effort it requires, the better we become.

Want to meet?

Companies I worked with


Aldebaran (Softbank)





An (outdated) list of projects I worked on:

Right now, my LinkedIn is the most up-to-date list of projects and client work I’ve done, meet me there!

Big Data Processing Optimization

Optimized a query engine with adaptative algorithms.

Java Hadoop HDFS Meta-Heuristic

Blockchain & Decentralized Systems

Training, Mentoring & Services in the Blockchain space.

Blockchain Distributed Systems Decentralized Consensus

Chatbot & Conversational UX Research

“Sur Mesure” chatbot systems for businesses.

Facebook Messenger Javascript ES6 Firebase Google Cloud Functions

Interactive Autonomous Life

Created a playful AI for a humanoid robot.

Robot UX Python C++ User-Centric Design

Testing Infrastructure for a micro-services platform

Designed a continuous integration framework to support the development of new products.

Kafka Docker Python Pytest

Serialization Protocol Compiler

Custom Protocol-Buffer pipeline.

Java JavaCC Low-Level Encoding Code Generation

Distributed Cache Algorithms

Extended the capabilities of a distributed database with specialized algorithms.

Java Zookeeper Distributed Algorithms

Terabyte-scale Database & API

Owner of a storage platform.

HBase Cloudera Docker HAProxy Python Java C