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8 January 2018

How Blockchain Systems interact with APIs and the Cloud?

Blockchain Systems are supporting more and more innovations. From digital currency to supply chain tracking or artist platforms.

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6 November 2017

Three essential tools to develop a DApp on the Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are used to set up currencies, called cryptocurrencies, but this is not the only purpose.

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23 October 2017

How Proof Of Work works and why try to get rid of it?

We hear a lot about Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake. And It’s hard to talk about Blockchain Platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum without getting into mining.

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16 October 2017

How to implement a Blockchain Structure?

We saw the use of Blockchain Structures in Decentralized Consensus Systems. And we even detailed how these structures prevent data tampering.

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8 October 2017

What is the use of Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake algorithms?

The Ethereum project is in the process of getting rid of the Proof Of Work Algorithm.

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