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Science of Doubt: The Left-Hand Experiment

How your tools might kill your confidence? In 2003, researchers asked their students to write down their BEST or WORST qualities. 👨‍🔬 “It’s a graphology study,” they said. (it wasn’t) ✍️ They asked some students to write with their dominant hand. So right hand for right-handers. And they asked other students to write with their non-dominant hand. So left hand for right-handers. 👍/👎 Once they were done, the researchers asked each student to rate how confident they were about the qualities they just wrote down.

Doubts & Impostors

Science of Doubt: The Recall Irony Experiment

I’ve been researching doubts these last few weeks; here is a fascinating experiment I found. This experiment shows a sad truth about people with high self-doubt. In 2002, researchers put 301 students in front of a computer with the following question: 👨‍🔬 “Please write down a few examples of self-confidence.” For some of these students, the researchers requested two examples. For others, they asked eight examples of self-confidence. And more to others.

Doubts & Impostors