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Optimize Rust build in Docker

This is a docker file I pushed that relies on docker caching to optimize builds:


How to find a frontmatter variable with your shell

So I have a file like: --- title: Server infrastructure description: IPFS Cluster provides data orchestration across a swarm of IPFS daemons by allocating, replicating, and tracking a global pin-set distributed among multiple peers.


Build Environment Variables in Go

I want to customize the build process of a piece of go code. It’s dockerized. I know there are a few parameters I want to use, like -modfile that lets you change the go.


Github Actions tips

👋 I wrote this note in 2022, if you have any questions, please reach out.


Getting Started with Rust

I’m learning Rust by updating a library, this is tricky. Resources to get started Basics: https://doc.


Quick Go Dump

I am working on porting a Go SDK to Rust. My goal right now is to figure out the I/Os of a certain SDK function and replicate it in go.