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Notes about IPLD

IPLD is a data model developper by Protocol Labs (they make IPFS). It basically emerged from their work on content-addressed data.


Better name for Logging Levels

I find logging levels quite difficult to understand and use. What’s informative? versus what is a warning?


Run Hugo in a VSCode task

I’m looking for ways to increase my focus and reduce the time I waste on “non important tasks”. With this simple configuration, I don’t have to boot another terminal nor memorize Hugo’s parameters.



I started working on a new projects that relies on terraform and AWS. This is new to me, I’m used to Google Cloud and “artisanal” setup, by hand with scriping tools like Python’s Fabric or Ansible.


Trying out Forestry

I’ve been looking for the best way to write content for a while. I do not appreciate WordPress, too heavy, too slow, in my opinion.


Trying out Stimulus

DDH shared a tweet recently talking about a new version for a tool called Stimulus.