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This is where my ideas and my articles grow. A permanent Work In Progress.


I started working on a new projects that relies on terraform and AWS. This is new to me, I’m used to Google Cloud and “artisanal” setup, by hand with scriping tools like Python’s Fabric or Ansible. Basic commands terraform fmt # format the files terraform validate terraform plan terraform apply terraform show # shows the current state, from the file terraform.tfstate. Might be sync'd with a remote Concepts Provider Something like AWS, GCloud, etc.


Trying out Forestry

I’ve been looking for the best way to write content for a while. I do not appreciate WordPress, too heavy, too slow, in my opinion. Also, I get distracted easily, and if you’ve ever used WordPress, you know what I’m talking about: every time I log in to WordPress, you have between 1 and 12 new notifications from various plugins, etc. It breaks so easily too! Static site generators are nice, and I got used to Hugo.