Projects I’ve built

I develop and release products with a ‘Indie Hacker’ hat.

I’ve seen many projects burn their cash or their team because they would spend too much time going for “it has to be perfect” before validating that “this is useful”.

I use these projects to learn and validate Lean Developement practices that I apply, at a larger scale, with my clients. Check these out and let me know if you find them useful ;)

logo for SingularGarden

This is where I share content are building products and Software Architecture for makers.

logo for is a timezone viewer I use to help coworkers, clients, and friends deals with timezones.

logo for Clepsydra

Clepsydra is a Browser Extension that helps you reflect and stay focused on what matters most.

logo for Ticking Focus

The calm, most visible, Pomodoro timer for macOs.

logo for orbital-list

A React library to create interfaces using circles, orbits, and planets.