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Whena.re is a timezone viewer I use to help coworkers, clients, and friends deals with timezones.

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I’ve been working remotely for a few years now, and I missed a few meetings over “Timezone Quiproquos.” I never found THE intuitive timezone tool, so I built it.

Who needs this? People working remotely! Teams, AND more: freelancers and their clients will find this useful too. I even use a clock to sync with friends.

It’s also useful to “meet” a team: I send this tool to a client recently; they add themselves AND the rest of their team. Boom: I get a simple overview of the whole team, insiders, contractors, and timezones included. Nicer than scrolling through Slack Channels.

Want a tip? You can use any URL, and signup to “lock” it. For example, https://whena.re/remote-ceos is a valid clock. You can use names that are easy to remember, or names that are difficult to find by chance.

Next versions, I plan to focus on integrations. I want to make this accessible INSIDE Slack, Trello, and others. Let me know if there’s a way to make this more useful for you!

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It’s the V2 of a previous product “timezown”, it has a share feature now, it’s much faster, and works on mobile. timezown

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