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3 February 2021

Which protocols and algorithms should you learn to understand Bitcoin?

Innovations from Bitcoin and Blockchain-related technologies have given birth to a new species of distributed systems. Today, these distributed systems are entirely decentralized.
On the technical side, the field is exploding with innovation. It can be hard to keep track as each week new discussions, algorithms, and projects pop up.

So, as a developer, how do you get started with Blockchain? Where to start to understand these technologies? And which algorithms should you learn to create your own blockchain, or dig into the existing ones?

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1 February 2021

Beyond the Buzzword: The Problem Blockchain Actually Solves for Developers

Blockchain-related technologies are in full-hype mode these days. The first time I came across the b-word, I had a déjà-vu from the 2010s hype around “NoSQL”. But what is the point of the Blockchain, exactly?

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