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13 September 2021

Using MerkleTree for Blockchainized Document Certification

As a freelance I worked on document certification using blockchain. I received several similar requests, but one of them required the implementation of a new data structure: Merkle Trees. It is a data structure widely used in decentralization and for good reasons, thanks to Merkle Trees and Merkle Proofs we set up a certification system with unique properties. Use cases In a previous article I described a blockchain timestamping system that allowed one of my clients to certify contracts in an irrefutable and relatively affordable way.

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12 September 2021

Ethereum Use Case: Document Certification

As a freelance, I worked on documents certification using the Blockchain. This is an interesting problem because it is a type of feature that we could not implement in a trustless way before. Thanks to this type of project, companies that have not yet “jumped” into decentralization are getting their first taste of the ecosystem and can implement completely new features. Public blockchains are great for timestamping. A public blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin is a database that the whole world verify at all time.

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